We’re passionate about many things here at Eco Tan, and are constantly looking to better ourselves. We’re not perfect, but here are a few ways we strive to stay true to our values.


It’s what we don’t use that makes us different. Eco Tan is a company that is founded on authenticity and transparency, which is why our certifications are SO important.

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It is said, when you give with your right hand, don’t let your left hand know what you’re doing. Want to know where your money goes when you buy our products?

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Ethics & Sustainability

We are committed to continuing to find ways we can make positive sustainable changes within our company. We care deeply about our environment and community and take our carbon footprint seriously.

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Responsible Sourcing

Our criteria is that we always choose ingredients that do no harm. They are sustainable and responsibly farmed so the Earth isn’t compromised. We looked deeper, to the community that our Organic ingredients and plantation are sourced.

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Green Packaging

When it comes to Green Packaging and environmental care and diligence, here's just some of the measures we’re undertaking.

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Being Certified as Organic by the Organic Food Chain of Australia, we are strictly audited every year. Every ingredient is highly scrutinised from how it was sourced, grown and packaged.

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