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Firstly, our criteria is that we always
choose ingredients that do no harm. They are sustainably and responsibly farmed so the Earth isn’t compromised.

We looked deeper, to the community that our Organic ingredients and plantation are sourced. We carefully consider all aspects of ingredient sourcing. There’s nothing more empowering than supporting
a local community.

For instance, there’s a project we're
working on at present, where we are requiring natural linen textiles, so Sonya came up with the idea to create a business for the Indian community that lives in the slums in New Delhi, to create them an opportunity and a business.

So not only is our business responsibly sourced, pure and natural, it’s also doing good by lifting mainly woman and children out of extreme poverty. We closely work with a brilliant Indian man, who has created a miracle school in New Delhi for the children of the slum to receive an education as well as a daily meal.

We also pay for accommodation, education and medical needs, as well as food for the poorest of the Indian Community in New Delhi. So, this is where the idea came about, as India is the textile capital of the world, so not just giving a hand up, we thought let’s give a handout.

We are working together behind the scenes to create products that are created multi-level treasures of a brilliant foundation. All the way from the final customer to its beginnings, this product will contain a story of life.

One of our ingredients, Inca Inchi is
hand-picked from a sustainable plantation in South America and is a fair trade ingredient. As we are Certified as Organic by the Organic Food Chain under the Australian Government Organic and Bio Dynamic Standards, our ingredients cannot be GMO, (which means no animal testing, no synthetics, herbicides or pesticides), because let’s face it – ingredients are only as good as the environment they’re grown in.

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