Our story

From her Gold Coast kitchen bench to changing lives across the World:
How an Aussie Mum turned tragedy into triumph - for her and for you!


About Eco Tan

In 2009, I was a wife, a Mum and an International Flight Attendant. Almost overnight I became a redundant, divorced, solo Mum; desperate for strength. 

I couldn't shake my black fog, so I went to my doctor and asked for antidepressants. My doctor said, "Sonya, you don't need medication, you're going through a life trauma. You need to focus on something good." So, I spent two weeks volunteering in East Timor, amongst people that were facing real struggles to survive. My mindset changed and something dark broke off me. It was there that I managed to turn my pain into power. 

Around the same time my younger sister was diagnosed with a Melanoma on her arm that required removal, leaving a terrible scar. She asked me if I knew of a natural spray tan that would not be harmful on her skin, so I asked my local beauty therapist, who told me hers were 99% natural. My gut feeling told me to research it and when I did, I was in for quite a surprise. I used my anger at the false and misleading claims out there and drew upon my love of natural and organic ingredients to start my own brand.

"There is no one more talented than you.
This is your path and life.
Only you can walk it."