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Which of our self tanners is the best for you?

Which of our self tanners is the best for you?


Fail-proof tan (for a total newbie)

Whether you’re super pale and scared to dip a toe into tanning for the first time, or want to try a subtle glow, you can’t fail with Winter Skin. Our best self tanner for pale skin and It’s a moisturiser and tanner in one, so you can use it like you would with your normal moisturiser (just make sure to thoroughly wash your hands afterward). It’s also easily buildable, so you can add more layers for a bit more colour. We all want the best sunless tanner so this one will give you the most natural look.

Emergency tan!

For when you have an event, and need a bronze tan ASAP, Cacao Tanning Mousse is our express tan. It develops quickly in just an hour, and keeps getting darker with more time. Particularly handy in a rush, you can pop it on all over, get dressed, and go about your day! 

For those looking for a dark, bronze tan

The darkest tan in our range is Hempitan, and there are so many reasons to love it! It never comes out orange, doesn’t have that yucky fake tan smell, and isn’t sticky so you can put clothes on or go straight to bed. We like to do two coats to prevent any streaks.

For those who leave it to the experts

If you like a fuss free salon tan, did you know you can take our solutions to your own tanner? Like the rest of our range, Rich Honey and Burleigh Bronze are natural and organic, and develop beautifully over a few hours into a beautiful dark bronze. 

The low-effort, regular tanner

If you’re in a great tanning routine, and love a quick easy process, Invisible Tan is a self tanning cream and has got your back. Its creamy texture makes it feel like a luxurious moisturiser, and it rubs in clear so you don’t have to worry about transfer onto clothes or sheets. 

And of course, don’t forget to pair our tans with our self tanner for face Face Tan Water for a seamless head to toe tan. It’s specially formulated for your face, so it’s gentle on sensitive skin, reduces redness, and clears your skin at the same time. Face Tan Water comes in the form of easy to apply self tanning drops.

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