Education - 10/02/2023

What You Put On Your Skin Matters

Did you know your skin is the largest organ in your body? While the myth that you absorb 60% of your skincare into the bloodstream has been long debunked, it’s no secret that what you put on your skin matters. While most products stay on the surface level of your skin, other ingredients like ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and hyaluronic acid can penetrate deeper.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to check your ingredients! Chemicals such as oxybenzone (commonly found in sunscreen) have been shown to go as far as the bloodstream, where it can cause an array of health issues such as hormone disruption.

Our all natural sunscreens are made instead with natural Zinc, as well as nourishing natural ingredients such as Watermelon Seed Extract, and organic Cucumber Extract. They’re not only safe for your skin and the earth but will do wonders for anti-ageing and hydration. They are made for all skin types including acne prone skin and it won’t clog your pores. Unlike many sunscreens on the market, it’s completely reef safe, and packaged sustainably in a tube made of sugar cane pulp, made in Australia on a solar farm!

Similarly, our natural Serum of Plenty uses only the highest quality naturally derived organic Vitamin C, to deliver a potent boost deep into the skin and a younger looking skin. It’s highly active, and you’ll know it’s working from the light tingling sensation.

Having healthy skincare habits and using only organic and all natural skincare products with clean ingredients is an easy way to protect your body. Better yet, organic ingredients mean you get the purest, most nutritional and natural benefits that improve your skin appearance and give you a healthy glow. It’s almost good enough to eat!