The Story Behind Our Award-winning Hand & Nail Cream

Over the weekend, I was so excited to hear that our Rafiki Mwema Hand & Nail Cream had been announced as a winner in the Hand and Nail Care category at the JANEY LOVES 2020 Platinum Awards.

Soft hands and a warm heart. This is what this hand cream was created for. It was created to do healing on many people, children, hearts, minds and lastly hands and nails. 

Not only is our Hand & Nail Cream a beautiful organic product made from nourishing, all-natural ingredients such as Shea Butter, Mango and Avocado Oil, but 100% of profits go to the amazing charity Rafiki Mwema. The team at Rafiki are committed to protecting young boys and girls who have experienced horrific abuse and violence in Kenya. By giving them loving, stable homes and access to therapy, they break the cycle of abuse and change lives every single day. 

One of the most beautiful parts of this collaboration was seeing how fiercely our amazing Eco Family jumped on board to support this cause by purchasing a Hand & Nail Cream. Since we released this product in 2018, we have raised more than $200,000 for this incredible movement. Every sale makes a difference, helping the Rafiki team to pay for the bills in their safe houses, supply children with school uniforms, build guard houses to keep them safe and provide outreach to those who need extra support. Even now, two years on, our customers help make a difference every day to the lives of many precious children who need and deserve our support.

This is why it’s so amazing to know that our Rafiki Hand & Nail Cream will join the ranks as an award-winning part of our range. This product strikes right to the heart of what we believe in – that what you give, you receive. The cherry on top is simply knowing that our customers and fellow industry leaders love it just as much as we do!