The Memory of Beauty is Haunting

Finding the beauty in ageing is a deep soul challenging thing to do.

Many of us do the constant dance of “should I just get a little neck lift? “Will I get my eye lids done?” and on and on….

In my view there’s nothing wrong with whatever you choose to do. Let others judge, you will never be able to control that. Feel nothing is the key to judgement. Someone can call me a c*nt and I feel nothing. Self-esteem and knowing who you are is so vital to thrive.

Its hard to stop the self-judgement looking in a magnified mirror because your eye sight is shifting. Then the guilt comes in to play - many people aren’t privileged enough to get old. Which is a bloody pile on of guilt and more negativity you really don’t need.

I don’t have the answer to embracing getting older and not being as smoking hot as in my early years…. I battle the grey hairs, the middle age spread, the jowls that no amount of face yoga is going to fix.

I look at my husband and his crepey neck and hump and that makes me feel slightly better! Ha-ha. I asked him how do you feel about ageing and looking rather shit compared to your youth? He said I just focus on my fitness and health and look to different aspects of life that bring me enjoyment that I wouldn’t have noticed when I was young.”

That’s the first time I have ever learnt something great from a man. It's true. He got into car racing again (a bit slower now) hiking, elephant conservation, adventure racing and surfing when before he would do Iron Man events. He’s shifted gear. I feel like I’m still stuck in the 90’s when I perceived I was fabulous. I still listen to 80s and 90s music. I’m stuck in the 90s people! Send help or arrange a Sunday sesh…..