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The Day After The Night Before

The Day After The Night Before


Well done you big fun girl/guy! I read a meme that said, “alcohol steals tomorrow of its happiness”, which is probably true, however last night you were hopefully laughing and free!

So, it’s the next day. Here’s our survival list for making it through:  

  1. You know you are dehydrated and so does your skin. Stand at the fridge or tap and drink 1 litre of water (add lemon if possible). Flush your system of the sins from the night before! I love sparkling water on days like these.
  2. Use Glory Oil to remove any residual eye make-up, or even eye makeup that didn’t make it off the night before!
  3. Hungover skin is usually dirty skin. A double cleanse with our organic Super Citrus Cleanser will do the trick.
  4. Super Acai Exfoliator will remove dry, dead skin layers and smooth any lumps and bumps… unfortunately, cocktails tend to show through your skin.
  5. Next, apply our comforting Face Compost Purple Power Mask for 7 minutes. In the 7 minutes it’s working it's magic, put your phone down and honour your spirit. Close your eyes and meditate. Visualise you are standing under a crystal-clear waterfall filled with healing love. Try to feel the cool water streaming down on you, hear the sound of the waterfall!
  6. Ok, we done? Wash your mask off and get a look at that beautifully glowing, radiant skin. Woohoo, you are a magnificent creature.
  7. Apply 1 pump of Super Fruit Hydrator and 2 drops of our best seller, Glory Oil.

Ahhhhhhh…. And you’re back baby! X

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