Education - 11/10/2022

Sugar Cane Plastic - A Sweet Solution

It’s no secret that plastic is becoming a huge problem for the environment. We often think of turtles with bellies full of plastic bags, and birds getting caught in fishnets. But actually, the extraction process and making of plastic is just as big an issue, as it releases tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere every year.

With the rise of keep cups, glass straws, bamboo takeaway containers, most companies are on the hunt for sustainable eco friendly cosmetic packaging. Introducing: Sugarcane Plastic.

Here’s why we love it:

Sugarcane (yes, the plant) is great at removing carbon from the atmosphere. So it actually helps to reduce your carbon footprint!

It’s a renewable resource- as in, we’ll never run out! 

It’s a low-maintenance plant! Commonly planted on degraded pasture land, it helps recover the soil, is primarily rain fed, and is a relatively hardy plant.

It’s 100% recyclable. So once you’re done, it can be turned into something else!

You can barely tell the difference. In terms of look, texture and strength, sugar plastic is extremely similar to petrochemical plastic, just without the nasties.

Did you know that our sugar cane tubes are made in a carbon neutral solar plant in Australia? We pride ourselves on choosing sustainable packaging materials, and manufacturing locally where we can.