Education - 25/07/2019

Removing the reminder

Cancer. It’s a word that strikes a moment of terror in everyone’s hearts. And with Australia having one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, it’s also a fact of life.

Most of us know someone who’s battled skin cancer, whether it be a melanoma or otherwise. With most, we soon come the realise that the battle doesn’t end once you’re in remission or had the cut. Even though the danger has passed, the reminder is always there in the form of a scar. While the emotionally scars may take a while to heal, the physically scars are not something that needs to last if you don’t want them to.

Cancer is something I am all too familiar with. After all, it was my younger sister’s brush with melanoma that sparked the idea of Eco Tan in the first place! And after having a large basal cell carcinoma removed from my face in May 2017, I called up my brilliant cosmetic chemist and asked her to make something that would give me the best shot at healing. In February 2018, the phenomenal Glory Oil™️ was launched worldwide.

I created Certified Organic Glory Oil™️ specifically to help reduce the appearance of scars and fine lines. It’s packed with phenomenal botanical actives known to help reduce the appearance of aging, soothes and helps to return moisture balance to the skin. Inca Inchi is one of the secret antioxidant-rich weapons in the formula, known for its ability to heal and reduce the signs of aging. With the wealth of super seed oils brimming with omegas, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, Glory Oil™️ will help restore your skin to its true glory!

I never tire of hearing from our amazing customers. It makes me so incredibly happy that our products are having such positive experiences and I’m constantly astonished by the results our customers have been sharing with us. Kell from Taree, NSW, is one of these beautiful souls.

After her husband had a cancer removed from his face just over a month ago, he was left with 12 stitches across his temple and a huge potential for a large scar. After the initial wound had healed, he began using Glory Oil™️ on the scar. Both Kell and her husband were left astounded. In just three weeks, there was little to no sign of redness or discolouration to the skin.

Surprisingly, there’s no magic in our little bottles of Glory Oil™️. Just the incredible superpowers of Mother Nature at work and results that speak for themselves.

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