Education - 23/09/2022

Read Your Product Labels

Be honest… when you’re buying new skincare products, do you read through the product labels? You’re probably with the majority if not. Sometimes we’re so blinded by the flashy serum packaging that we might just assume the product is good! With such a saturated market these days we need to be aware of greenwashing, the phenomenon where brands advertise themselves as more “clean” and planet friendly than they really are without much transparency. 

Let’s face it- we’re not scientists. So it’s not realistic for us to learn every single toxic ingredient in our skincare and makeup products. But here are some common hidden nasties we try to avoid:

Synthetic fragrance:

You might know someone (or it might be you) who is extremely sensitive to fragrances and perfumes. Many people are allergic, and it doesn’t take much digging to find out why. Whenever ingredient labels just say “fragrance” or “parfum”, it is often an umbrella term for a bunch of added chemicals that legally don’t need to be disclosed. But many of these can have adverse effects to your hormones, skin, and respiratory system when exposed to over a long period of time. 

If our products have a smell, it’s either from the fresh organic fruits that have a natural smell, or gentle essential oils with a plant origin.


Often used in sunscreen, it’s extremely harmful to coral reefs, as well as having negative hormonal effects to human health. Our sunscreens active ingredient is Zinc Oxide, a natural mineral based UV blocker that is reef-friendly and works even better! 


Often used as a smoothing agent in makeup, talc is a seemingly harmless ingredient. However studies have shown it can irritate the eyes, as well as cause respiratory problems and lung disease when inhaled. 

Our eyeshadow palettes are talc free, perfect for sensitive eyes and smooth like velvet! 

If you’re interested in learning more about clean ingredients for your health and the environment, is a great resource for expert opinions on many everyday ingredients.

When in doubt, opt for organic old fashioned ingredients! Organic ingredients contain no chemicals or synthetic substances like pesticides. Our ingredients are Certified Organic by the Organic Food Chain Australia. This means absolutely NO synthetic or artificial ingredients, animal derivatives, amino’s, pesticides or herbicides.