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Luxury Makeup Is Here!


If you’ve been following me for a while, you will know that I don’t release anything if I’m not obsessed with it. That’s why it’s taken so long for me to release makeup- after years of researching and developing formulas and packaging. Like most women in their 50s, I’ve been wearing makeup for a really long time, in fact since I was 14. I have a clear understanding of what I like and don’t like. So, I took all that and created something you’re going to love, it’s truly outstanding.


There’s nothing worse to me than creating more products and landfill in an industry completely saturated. That’s why we strive for truly sustainable packaging and clean formulas that push us above the rest.


So far what we’ve perfected: a bronzer, a gold illuminiser, 5 lipsticks with one perfect lipliner, an amazing mascara, a brown and black eyeliner, and oh have I mentioned the perfect coloured cream blush? And two eyeshadow palettes.


Why I love the lipsticks is that they wear beautifully, and don’t bleed into your lip lines. We have 5 perfect colours, 3 of which are sheer and nourishing (sort of like a hybrid lipstick/balm).


When it comes to mascara, there’s no one fussier than me. Let's be honest, besides the perfect clean formula, it’s all in the brush/wand. Yep, I suggest you buy two because this mascara is gonna go wild.


Clean out your bathroom draw and make way for our signature palettes- They’re all you need. In place of mirrors (which end up in landfills and can’t be recycled), we’ve given you a simple diagram that shows you where to place each colour. It takes me only 3 minutes to do both eyes. 3 matte eyeshadows, and one shimmery, which is the perfect quad ratio.


Good things take time and trust me when I say, this range was worth every second waiting. From my heart to your hands, you will see and feel the difference in this makeup.

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