Company - 29/10/2021

It All Starts With The Perfect Cleanser...

No point having a 10-step fancy skin routine if you are starting off with the wrong cleanser.

Eco Tan Super Citrus Cleanser

What’s the wrong cleanser you ask?

A synthetic drying cleanser that is going to irritate your skin and strip it so your skin starts producing more oil to compensate is one!

An oil cleanser that sits in your pores and causes bacteria and breakouts is another! No $200 serum will out play that.

That’s where our organic Super Citrus Cleanser comes in. Look this might sound biased….but I truly believe it’s the world’s best cleanser and here’s why:

  1. It suits all skin types. Mature, dry, oil, sensitive… It’s all about the ingredients. It’s perfectly balanced and formulated for optimum skin health! First ingredient is Organic Aloe Vera which is a rich source of vitamin A, C and E. It will calm and protect the skin. We also choose collagen promoting ingredients (only natural of course) 
  1. Lemongrass and orange peel are both phenomenal, powerhouse ingredients that are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial to keep your skin free of blemishes. 
  1. Australian Caviar Lime is a natural AHA that gently exfoliates the skin and deeply cleans the pores.

And that’s just the tip pf the iceberg!  It’s also Australian made and comes in a large 200ml bottle. The packaging is green which means it’s made from recyclable materials. Super Citrus Cleanser contains only organic and natural ingredients (no cheap fillers or artificial rubbish) and the best part is….it’s super affordable!

Eco Tan Super Citrus Cleanser

I desperately want to hear if you’ve tried it?

Sonya x