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Here's Why I Started This Company....

Here's Why I Started This Company....


I forget that new followers might not know the story of why I started this company. 

​My sister was diagnosed with a melanoma at the age of 30. Now there is a story behind her diagnosis that I would like to share. And this is NOT about bagging Doctors.

​She saw a red, scaly freckle on her arm. She went to her local GP and asked for a biopsy. He told her it didn't need a biopsy, that it looked fine.

​So she went home.

​However, thank God for her incredible intuition, her gut told her to go back and insist on a biopsy. Sure enough, the results came back - melanoma.

​The Dr was so apologetic. And thank God, for her, it was stage 1. If she had not trusted her own instinct and gut feeling, it may have been a whole lot worse.

​Lesson 1 - You know your own body. Trust your gut feeling.

​Lesson 2 - Get regular skin checks and get a second opinion if you feel the need.

​Lesson 3 - Stay safe in the sun. Shade, sunscreen, water, hat, long sleeves.

​So after my sister received a nasty, 9-inch long and very deep cut on her arm, she became super sun paranoid. Yet she still wanted a tan.

​So her determined sister (also known as me, Sonya!) threw myself into creating Australia's first Certified Organic spray tan from my tiny kitchen and the story continued from there...




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