Community - 12/11/2021

Hello Darling Friends ❤️

So it's Sunday when I'm writing this and I didn’t make one yoga class this week, that makes 15 years in a row....

I don’t know why yoga is always on my must do list! In my head my posture will be amazing and my voice calming and in a lower pitch. I'm 55 and I'm still trying to be someone different. WTF, don’t be like Sonya!

To be honest, I really like who I am - however I suck at self care, movement, diet, stress and no...I’m not keen on massages. I don’t really like to relax. It's odd. I feel stressed from the pressure of trying to relax. 

Anyway, let's go into the new week without guilt, shall we? Chances are yoga won’t see me or my mat again this week! My "must do" list is always popping in my head. 

My mantra for the week ahead is "Everything will be alright”. Hold everything loosely and go with the flow. Look for the miracles in the small moments. The butterfly dancing around a flower, a gorgeous feather shape cloud, whatever and however tiny miracles look to you, I truly hope this week you are covered in them.

Let me know x


Much Love Sonya x