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Five Beauty Hacks with Sonya

Firstly, I do everything at super-fast pace. I’m time poor and impatient. I actually try to do most things in my shower except Zoom calls.

Here’s 5 simple beauty hacks I do with my products.

  1. I pop our new Face Sunscreen SPF 30 on the back of my hands. The sun through the wind screen is a killer to your poor hands.
  2. Super Acai Exfoliator is my favourite thing to do on a Sunday. I do a deep scrub on my face, neck and décolletage and wow…. my skin doesn’t look crapey and old.

  1. Our Exfoliating Glove is the absolute bomb to keep in the shower. It’s brilliant to use after shaving to avoid ingrown hairs and also to help remove dead skin layers. You will never get another ingrown if you use this. It’s like dry brushing but BETTER!! Circulation and blood flow plus super smooth skin… WIN WIN.

  1. I like an intense scrub, but I know it’s not for everyone. If you have sensitive skin or like a gentler exfoliation, I suggest mixing a few drops of Glory Oil with our Super Acai Exfoliator for a powerful smoothing emulsion.
  2. Glory Oil mixed with our organic Super Fruit Hydrator is the perfect primer for makeup. I use this daily, regardless. Once you try this combo you will never want to run out of them.

Voilà x

Tell me any hacks you have with our organics.


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