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Tanning face and body spray

I Love, Love this liquid for my face,,,
It’s so easy to apply,
Use your glove,
I’ve tried many different products, and this by far,,,
Is a WINNER 💕💕
I have the body spray,
It’s so easy to use,
I didn’t have any problems,
Thank you so much,,
I love looking tanned..
Awesome products ❤️💋❄️💕

Perfect colour

Love this colour but found it wasn’t soft enough to put on water line


It feels so silky smooth and looks so natural

Absolutely 5 stars!

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my recent purchase of the full makeup range.
I am legally blind and I normally do my makeup by feel with my fingers.
I was nervous to try your brush set with the new makeup, but the instructions made It soo simple and easy.
I just want to say Thankyou so much, I feel so happy and confident in my new makeup today.


I absolutely LOVE this product. It has made my skin feel and look so much better. I had tiny red scars from acne when I was younger and these have reduced significantly in just 1 month. I also love how hydrated my skin feels and looks. Would 100% recommend this.

Next Level!

These lipsticks last a long time and the pigment is amazing! You have done it again Eco Tan!

Omg Incredible!

This lipliner is the best I have used! It is so soft and last ages

Next Level!

You won't be disappointed with this illuminiser! I use it every day! Thank you Eco Tan! It is amazing x

Best cream blush ever!

Wow! This is the best cream blush I have ever used! It is so soft and buttery!

Awesome product!

I love Ecotan water! Works quickly and the tan looks natural. Buying again and again.

Cannot get an even tan

I've tried using this tanning water twice now and cannot get an even tan. Both times I have ended up with splotches on my feet and uneven colour. The issue is, you can't see where the tan is going because it's a clear liquid. I followed the instruction videos carefully. I was very meticulous about my application, with the mitt, (and exfoliated as directed, 24 hours beforehand, and applied cream to my knees and feet) and still cannot get this to work. I think there's a very huge learning curve on this one. I'm sure if I keep trying I'll get it to finally work, but I don't want to waste that time. It should be easy from the get go. I do worry about the excess spray getting all over my bathroom during application. I had to wash my floors afterwards to clean it all up. I do love that you can get dressed right away and the tan doesn't transfer to your clothes or sheets at all. The colour that I do get is beautiful and it lasts a really long time (though, not a great thing when the tan is uneven), it's just way too difficult to apply. I really wanted to love this, but it's far too difficult to use. I'll just switch to the mousse.

Hi Karin, thanks for your reply! We'd love to give you a few more tips to help you get a beautiful tan, so feel free to email :)

Super Fruit Toner
Cherise Harkness
It is truly heaven sent! Or Sonya sent!😉

I will absolutely! Mark my words absolutely!! Not use another toner for as long as this is existing and I am as well, I will own it in my daily roughtine. It's smells absolutely heavenly, it feels so refreshing so awakening to the skin. I can wash my face and almost feel some tightness and spirits this only skin and it bounces back to life, it's lights soaks rightinto the skin nicely no greasy no shiny no oil or tackyness at all. It truly is the most perfectly made toner and I cannot rave about it enough

Amazing Face Sunscreen

I've been on the hunt for a natural face sunscreen that doesn't feel greasy & break me out and this has been wonderful! I love its lightweight, mousse-like consistency and it does not feel greasy or oily whatsoever, it rubs in effortlessly and doesn't leave a white cast especially since I have a darker skin tone. Just purchased my second one. Highly recommend!


Love this product. Applies evenly on face and leaves a nice glow. Not sticky

Works very well but use the glove

Goes on clear and turns very dark. Can leave patches if you don’t have a glove

Hi Jocelyn, thanks for your feedback! Hempitan is the darkest self-tanner in our range! Try applying half a limb at a time to make sure you get an even tan, and apply a lighter second coat to cover any areas you may have accidentally missed! You can find a tutorial on our product page :)


I’ve been waiting what felt like forever for the eye compost to come back into stock! And I snatched it right up when it did!
This is the first eye cream that hasn’t caused eye irritation or eczema. It’s brightened up my eyes, fighting off my dark circles. I love it! Leaves my under eyes, and cheeks glowing! I’m in love! 🙌🏼


I love this face wash! I’ve tried so many different brands and this is the only face wash that really makes your skin feel deeply cleansed after. Soft and smooth too! It also smells amazing! One pump goes a long way! I’m committed!

Love!!! 💗

I’m obsessed! My skin has cleared up so much after just a week of using a drop with the face moisturizer or my essence. It’s amazing! Not greasy, leaves your skin feeling super hydrated! Definitely recommend! I was worried the smaller bottle wouldn’t go very far, but again one drop goes a long way!

Serum of Plenty Review - Anjelica

absolutely outstanding, i used them lastnight after cleansing and i noticed instantly (not influencer instant, actual real life instant) my skin felt soo amazing, so hydrated and skin was instantly smoother and my complexion improved dramatically i couldn't actually beleive it, even my fiance said my face was super smooth, waking up today i looked fresher and a few of my problem areas were drastically improved..
Such outstandings products.
Thank you for creating liquid gold❤

in Love

Crazy in love with all skincare and tanning products!

Glory Oil Review - Eden

Glory Oil has been a game changer for my daughters face healing journey. It has helped to reduce thick scar tissue and lighten the colouring of the scar so far. It is gentle with perfect ingredients to promote healing. I feel confident applying it to her face as there is no chemicals damaging the new skin.

Serum Of Clear

I work in healthcare and have to wear a mask for my whole shift. The acne around my mouth and chin was starting to get bad where I’ve never had it before. I’ve used this twice! And my face looks more smooth, bumps are disappearing and discolouration is fading. This also does not irritate my skin like other acne products! Love Eco by Sonya!

Serum of Clear Review - Sally

Have been using both on my teenagers acne and the improvements after a week are amazing. We have tried so many other expensive products, and nothing has worked like this. 🥰


I absolutely love this oil. Wasn't sure when I first ordered but it is just so wonderful - not greasy at all and it easily absorbs into the skin. I use it every night before bed and sometimes during the day as well. I have just started to use it on my abdominal stretch marks from my twins and I am 71 years old. Now I don't expect they will disappear, but my abdomen feels much better. Will reorder before its gone for sure.

Amazing smell and feel!

Amazing shower wash with great scent! Leaves the skin soft! Although it wasn't soapy to my liking for washing the body. Still and amazing wash just wish it was lather more so I wouldn't have to use so much. Great product overall!