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Best products out there by far.

No streaks, looks natural. Smooth spritz all over you body. Can’t beat it.... same with the face water. My god those two combined. Perfection

Amazing product

I've been using Face Tan Water for over 2 years now and I love how it keeps a subtle, from-the-inside-out glow. I use it probably 2-3 times a week year-round. I recommend doing it before bed to wake up with a fresh glow, and rinsing your hands after applying it, otherwise you'll have some tanned finger cracks when you wake up in the morning. I order to Canada and have no issues with duties or shipping - always arrives quickly and right to my door. Thanks, Eco Tan!

The Best!!!

I’ve been using this oil for a few years now and will continue purchasing it. It’s my absolute favourite!!❤️❤️❤️

Love this!

I love this product. Evens out my skin tone and allows me to wear very little if any foundation (and I have fairly red toned skin usually). Just bought some for my Mom for her birthday. Love it!

Excellent products

Using the Eco by Sonya products is the first time I've come close to reaching my skincare goal of not needing coverup or foundation. Even my hormonal acne that tries to show up every month is kept at bay. Love the entire skincare line.

3 step skin care

Love everything thing about the how the cleaner suds up and makes your face feel squeaky the smell of the toner....I love the hydrator...I might be crazy but I can almost feel it tightening on my it..

Invisible tan

Love this it works so well.....except if u have sun spots then they really darken so be careful if that.....


Upon first application, I loved this stuff. It smells like dessert, and just perfectly melts into your skin. I love using face oils sparingly on my regular-to-oily skin these days, but this stuff makes me want to put a little extra on....hehe...I'm a fan. :)

Super Citrus Ceanser, yes please!

Have been using this for about two weeks now and I love it! Does not strip your skin or make it feel squeeky or tight. The perfect balance of gentle and moisterizing. Love that its not super foaming as well! And vegan with thoughtful packaging is always a bonus.

I love this stuff!

This stuff is absolutely amazing! It provides such an amazing but subtle glow and is gentle on your skin. I am always so sad when I lose my my summer tan and now I can maintain in in the winter. This stuff is golden!! Highly highly recommended!!!

Super citrus cleanser

I have super sensitive skin so I was a bit nervous to try this but I absolutely love it! No reaction and I feel like I can already see improvement in my skin.


I am really impressed with how quickly the package came (5 days) and I live in Canada. I used all the products and this is the cleanest my face has ever felt. I can’t wait to see the long term results. Thank you Eco Tan!


I'm so impressed with this product. It smells wonderful, like rose water, nothing like the off putting scents of other self tanning products. And the results are so natural and lovely. Will never wear foundation again!


I loooove this face toner. It leaves my skin feeling silky soft without feeling oily or sticky. I have very fair skin and use it once very 2-3 days for a natural, healthy glow. I also notice that I’ve stopped breaking out! It could be that since using this I don’t feel the need to wear foundation, so my skin is healthier. Highly recommend!

Perfect for fair skin

I’ve used lots of different tanning lotions and this one is BY FAR my favourite. I’m blonde with very fair skin and most tanners end up looking quite orange on me or stain easily on my elbows, wrists, ankles etc. I can use winter skin liberally and it never looks orange, streaky or stains! Just a warm, natural glow. The smell is nice too! Doesn’t smell like chemicals. Shipping is fast and informative (Aus to Canada).


Took me a minute to get the hang of it but once I did, I Love it. It's a watery liquid (as advertised) not a cream which is new to me. I use it 2-3 times a week to keep some color in my face. I have a few dark spots and have had other self Tanner's make them even darker. That didn't happen or hasnt happened yet!

New-ish to using this product line and i'm really loving it!! Bought it for 2 of my friends also.

Great in every way

Smells great. No weird residue. Used it on my face too before I got the face water. I have super sensitive, allergy prone skin and had no reaction. It's a lighter than so I also purchased the mid-dark cream as well and bought a set for my bestie. Highly recommend. Shipping was So fast! (Aus to Can)

Glory Oil Review - Rachel

I got gravel rash on my face from rolling my ride-on lawn mower 🥴 Glory Oil from day one meant i now have totally minimal scars. I am so greatful for your products thank you!

Clear Skin System Review - Enya

I just wanted to tell you how amazing your products are! I started using them in May it was my last shot of using skincare before seeing a dermatologist and how to they have made a difference, this was just one side of my acne.
Thank you for making such lovely products 💜 🌱

Face Tan Water Review - Kezia

No one sees me without makeup but thanks to the amazing Face Tan Water I’m feeling more confident makeup free 🥰

Wow this stuff really works!

I love my new Ecotan, I’m from Vancouver Canada so there’s not a lot of sun in the winter but Ecotan will help me get that sun kissed look. And unlike most other products it actually smells good. A fresh smell.

Glory Oil™
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The smell. The silky application. The clean ingredients.
Do yourself a favour and treat your skin to any of these products.
My face has never felt, looked, smelled better.


My skin has never been better after using these products, all my acne is gone and my scars have faded and I have been getting compliments that I am glowing and it’s all thanks to these products!! 100% would recommend to anyone!

3 Step Skincare System with Toning Mist Review - Khadijah

I just wanted to share my results so far after using the Eco Tan skincare range! I’m currently using the Super Citrus Cleanser, Hydrator and Glory Oil. I’ve been on antibiotics for my skin for the last 2 months but it has been drying my skin and making it look so dull and sore.

Now that I’ve incorporated the Skin Compost range for the last month, my skin has improved so much I could cry! I just wanted to say thank you.