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This is my favourite toner. I use it with my skin care and to set my makeup. And I love the smell. I only wish they had kept the bigger size as I find I’m having to repurchase more often.

Glory Oil
Liquid Gold!

I am not normally one for writing reviews but I had to for the Glory Oil. Firstly, when I received my package it had a little note on the inside of the box for me that I thought was pretty cute. Secondly, this stuff saved my skin! I struggle with eczema and sensitive skin. After I received my order I applied the oil to my most recent flare up on my hands, and it was gone in under a week! I started using it on my face after that and loved the results there too. More recently, I have started using the oil on my tattoos to help them stay beautiful. My skin has never been happier!

Winter Skin
Susan L.
Perfect Gradual Tanner

I’m fairly new to this product line and I’m loving everything I’ve tried including Winter Tan. The claims are all true: easy to apply, no streaking or orange skin, no stains on linens, dries quickly and most importantly is a healthy alternative to chemicals! The tan is beautiful and real looking. It doesn’t last as long as other tanners but since I moisturize after every shower, it’s become part of my after shower care routine. Love it. Highly recommend!!!!

Face Sunscreen SPF 30
Melissa Coelho

Wanted to like this so much! Had high hopes because I love their other products… but it leave such a bad white cast!!! Even if I use the tiniest amount, and I’m pretty light skinned.

In response - I do already exfoliate 1-2x per week regularly and unfortunately that does not help. The product does not run in sheer no matter how long I rub it in for. It leaves a white cast.

Hi Melissa, our Face Sunscreen SPF 30 is designed to be a lightweight, sheer barrier sunscreen that rubs in clear! Make sure you're exfoliating 1-2 times per week as this should help! If you like to apply a generous amount of sunscreen, make sure you apply 1tsp to your face (as per Cancer Council recommendations), rub in, then apply another layer :)

Glory Oil
Kat A.

I bought this product with coconut body milk to help with pregnancy stretch marks but ended up also using it on my face! It is AMAZING, i layer it with my face cream/ face tan water and couldn’t be happier. My skin is so soft and it’s helped with redness as well as acne i sometimes get from wearing masks. I will be buying more for years to come! I said this before and i will say it again, Sonya’s products work wonders!


I live in Northern Canada and tried many expensive lotions and this is THE BEST, very light, absorbs super quick and has a light scent. I bought it to help with pregnancy stretch marks and so far so good! Over all, i love all Sonya’s products. They really do work!

Super Citrus Cleanser
Sheena Erhardt
Super citrus cleanser

This cleanser is so great! It smells lovely, takes off my mascara and has helped clear my skin along with the toner and glory oil! Need to grab a face tan water next time

Super Fruit Toner
Sheena Erhardt
Super fruit Toner

I love this toner!! It smells amazing and works great!

Coconut Body Milk
Sheena Erhardt
Coconut Body Milk

I’m loving this lotion! It is extremely moisturizing, even in cold Canadian winters!

Face Tan Water
Hannah G.
Amazing face tan water!!

I’ve been using this product for close to a year now and it’s been absolutely amazing for my acne prone skin. I’m super conscious of what I put on my body and I feel so good about using this product and the results make me feel confident about leaving the house with no makeup on, even in the winter!! It evens my complexion, soothes my acne, and gives me a really beautiful natural glow. I recommend it to everyone in my life. I can’t wait to try the rest of the skin care line and I’m so happy I’ve found a product that works for me!


It does what it says. Love it a lot. Thx guys

Face Tan Water
Alicja Moryk
Cannot leave without it

Using this toner for the last few years and cannot leave without it; thank you so much. My skin looks so good and healthy 😍

Eye Compost
Alicja Moryk
Excellent products

Super visible results; strongly recommended 👍

Brighter and firmer after a few uses

So far I am happy with every purchase! My skin is happy and more moisturized than it has been in the past 20 years. Great products, I am happy☺️

Glory Oil
Debb MacGregor
Glory oil

Just recently purchased the Glory oil in a small bottle to try. It is fantastic!! I have scoriasis on my forehead. I’ve tried so many expensive creams for dry skin. Nothing seemed to help. This took it completely away in a week. Amazing. This Xmas I was gifted an expresso machine. Unfortunately while setting it up I got a ver bad steam burn on my hand. Hurt like the dickens. I started putting glory oil on it and it has healed up amazing. No scar. Wow! I highly recommend this product !

Face Tan Water - Anna

Such a great product, i have broken capillaries on my face and this product softens them so i feel less conscious about it ❤️

Glory Oil
Glory Oil Review - Annet

I wanted to show you all the results whit glory oil on my stoma scare. For a time i had two stoma's (after cancer). But one is removed. Yes! I started using the glory oil just a couple off weeks ago on the scare. So impressed by the results. See picture. So thanks.

Face Tan Water

I have been using this product seasonally for two years and I cant imagine a winter without it!
Builds a slow, natural looking, and beautiful tone, friendly packaging and ingredients, and prompt shipping! What more could you ask for!

Glory Oil
Glory Oil Review - Kaitlyn

Ecotan products are absolutely Devine, it's natural and eco friendly, Smells fabulous, Doesn't break the bank and works better than anything I've tried and I've spent alot on skincare over the years including insanely overpriced products in hopes of healing my acne and dry skin issues, Glory oil is my holy grail and nothing compares to the purple face mask feels! I recommend to anyone and everyone!

My new favourite

Smells amazing. Smooth and creamy, keeps me feeling and smelling fresh all day with only
one application.

Lemongrass Deodorant Review - Jenna

When I saw that you had brought out a new deodorant I was pretty damn excited. Knowing that all of your products are absolutely beautiful and amazing, and actually do what they say, I knew I didn’t have anything to lose in purchasing a couple. Today was my first day wearing the deodorant and honestly I have tears. It hasn’t even been 24hours and I can already see what an amazing product this is. I am shocked (I don’t know why because everything you make is 10/10) but I am lost for words. I got through the whole day at work today smelling like lemongrass. I went to the toilet several times to check if my underarms were feeling damp or if I was starting to get a smell, but nothing at all!!! I walked around with the biggest smile on my face all day in disbelief and so happy and confident! I ended up buying 4 more in fear they would sell out. So please, please don’t stop making this product!

Coconut Deodorant
Claudie Ouellette
The best roll on I tried so far

I’ve been looking for a natural roll on deodorant and I must say there are not the easiest to find. This product is effective although I find that you have to apply it twice a day like any other other deodorant (might just be me since I have the same issue with all deodorant). I’ll keep looking for alternatives as I would prefer to have a plastic-free roll on but that might take a while so I’ll definitely keep buying this one in the meantime.

Hi Claudie, so happy to hear that you're loving our Coconut Deodorant! Our packaging is made from recyclable materials, so you can just pop it in your recycling bin after you've finished your bottle :)

Teen Skin Bundle Review - Shaye

I have to tell you I could cry with happiness how much your products have helped me!! Since covid my skin has been in horror my eczema was flaring up on my face with what felt like it was beyond repair and my skin was breaking out fiercely due to wearing masks, having to work in the heat and wearing makeup. I have tried SO MUCH and it has not worked but my skin is so in love everything I have purchased (I basically own the entire collection now🤣) but my god! Best money I’ve ever bloody spent! Thank you thank you thank you Sonya you are the best in the bizz xoxox

Glory Oil
Glory Oil Review - Simone

Hi Lovelies! I’m a passionate advocate of glory oil and have been for approx 2 years. On July of this year I got diagnosed with skin cancer (bcc and melanoma). I am very lucky and had a fabulous team of GP, Dermatologist and Plastic Surgeon … HOWEVER … and this is where this message comes in, I had a significant facial surgery to remove the cancer and provide healthy margins. Lots of stitches and swelling. I massage my surgery sight twice daily with glory oil & have been since 4 weeks post surgery. Nobody can quite believe the results. I am happy to send pics and provide a testimonial but above all, I wanted you to know.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Glory Oil
Glory Oil Review - Fiona

I'm a convert and the Glory Oil is amazing. I have seen a noticable reduction of redness on my face. And the tanning products are awesome. After a few days, other products flake and your skin looks almost reptile like but this never happens with eco tan products.