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Love it

I love this product. Good for if you have acne too.

Boston cream donut dream cream

I work with in the cold all day 40 a week. And this hand cream is the absolute best answer too my hands dryness, I won't lie I have gone without it and regret it. It is not the least bit greasy, soaks right into your hands and I notice a difference instantly, and the smell for me is the absolute best nothing at all over powering or fake of any kind or over perfumed... it smells like a Boston cream donut from Tim hortons if you have ever been. Lol I kid you not it is so lovely. You will smell your hands again and again. No other words it is the best

Nice, but no miracles

This is lovely eye cream/serum hybrid that feels wonderful on the skin, absorbs beautifully, and seems to have positive results. However, it's not miraculous. I only wish it was. And it is costly. I will continue to use it, and see if it does deliver later on with continued use. I really like it, I just hoped it would be more effective against wrinkles and sagging skin.....

Exfoliator Review

This exfoliator works wonderfully. It clears away all of the dry skin and cleans my pores. My skin is soft and rejuvenated after using it. A little bit goes a long way!

Glory Oil Review

I love this oil, i love in a dry climate and it helps keep my skin soft. It’s also helped with acne scars that I have from when I was younger!

Holy grail mask

As a skincare addict, masks are my favourite thing on the planet and this one is the BEST I've ever tried! Works amazing as a spot treatment for pimples (it literally shrinks/reduces the size of zits after 1 use), and makes my skin look radiant. Mix it with glory oil for softer & smooth skin. Even acne scarring looks less noticeable too - this has changed my skin and I think it's probably the best Eco by Sonya product!! Will forever repurchase, can't imagine my life without this <3

Great cleanser!

One of my favourite natural cleansers - it removes makeup well and leaves the skin feeling very clean. You only need to use a little bit (1 or 2 pumps max), and if you use too much it can dry out the skin. Will keep repurchasing.

Great for preventing breakouts

Using this every night helps prevent my skin from breaking out - you can also feel it tingling on the skin :) I started using this after most my acne had cleared up (due to diet changes), but using this also helped keep my skin clear and reduced breakouts. If I had to choose, I'd prefer this over serum of plenty since I feel like it works better for my acne-prone skin, but I also like the results when both serums are paired together (smoother, clearer looking skin).

The BEST natural sunscreen ever

This was the first product I've ever purchased from Eco Tan almost 2 years ago - it's what got me hooked on this brand. It doesn't leave a white cast, and blends in easily to the skin. I like to mix it with 1-2 drops of glory oil or an oil serum to make sure it won't leave a white cast, and it makes my skin feel smooth and hydrated without being greasy.

Good for lighter skin

This would work much better as a contour for lighter skin tones - if you have medium/darker skin it probably won't show up as much, so I'd rather use a contour stick for more precise contouring. But I also love using this in my crease as a neutral brown eye shadow, and the colour payoff is good & works well as a bronzer.

A pretty pink palette!

My favourite shade is 1, the shimmery white one - perfect for highlighting the inner corner of the eyes. The other colours are a little too pink/purple for me, but is still pretty and lasts throughout the day. Easy buildable for a more dramatic look.

Great everyday palette

My go-to palette for everyday - the colours are subtle/natural & doesn't irritate the eyes. I use concealer on my lids, and this palette helps add colour back into the eyes (and shows up better since concealer creates a clean base for the makeup). I like to use #1 as shown one the diagram, then 2 or 4 in the crease. I would say the #3 shimmery one does fade after a while (which is kind of expected since it's all natural). But all the colours are buildable, and I wouldn't really be using this palette for a dramatic look anyways, so it serves its purpose.

Excellent brushes!

Soft brushes that makes applying makeup much easier & are great quality. Love that it comes in a velvet roll, which helps keep all the brushes organized.

beautiful highlighter!

A pretty highlighter for the cheekbones & is great as a body shimmer as well. Very different from a baked/powder highlighter since it's a cream product. I find that any cream product (even the blush) works best if used after a moisturizer (esp if you have dry skin) so that it blends into the skin more easily - otherwise, it's pretty creamy/smooth and gives a nice shimmer.

You won't regret this eyeliner

The best black eyeliner I've ever used - once you get used to pencil liners, it's easier to apply than gel ones imo (and looks more natural). Make sure to apply this with a light hand since it's very pigmented, but it will also last a long time. Blends easily & looks very natural/enhances your eye shape when used on the lash line. I like to do my lash line with the black, then make wings with the light brown liner for a softer everyday look. Need a white eyeliner for the waterline as well!!

Best pink lip liner!

In love with this liner and is pretty much identical to my natural lip colour - also goes great with all the lipsticks. Very creamy/soft and easy to apply. Would definitely repurchase.

Lip Collection
Great lipsticks!

Love the lip liner, my favourite shades are Miami rose and Byron nude - out of all the 5, I would repurchase those 2 again individually (get these 2 first if you can't decide which ones - they're perfect for every day). Currumbin coral is very sheer, not a lot of pigment when used on its own - just adds more of a sparkle/gloss to the lips (but is very pretty to layer on top of Miami rose or Kirra pink). The red is great if you want a bold lip since it's very pigmented. Kirra pink is a very light pink - personally not for me since it's just a little too light/pink for my skin tone (which is a medium tan - looks like a shiny "barbie pink", which is not my preference). Overall the quality of all is excellent and feels amazing on the lips. Would love to see more nude matte lipsticks/less sheer ones (maybe a sheer lip gloss instead?)

A natural everyday lipstick

A sheer nude lipstick that's perfect for "no makeup" days, or if you don't want a lot of pigment but just want to enhance your natural lips. Super creamy and moisturizing, especially for dry lips.

The best lipstick

Super creamy lipstick, feels amazing on. Love the natural ingredients and is a very pretty pinkish mauve colour - a staple lip colour. Out of all the lipsticks, this is my favourite (I'd recommend Miami rose and Byron nude). Would love to see lipstick crayons and lip gloss as well in the future!

Super pigmented and pretty!

Very pigmented blush, lasts for a couple hours & looks very natural. It's a pretty light pink colour and is very creamy - a little goes a long way.

Beautiful but not long lasting!

Happy with the colour palette as it’s true to the pictures. The colours all work really well together no matter the combination. Matte, shimmer, every-day look, or a more dramatic one. Unfortunately, for me, the colours don’t last from from morning to end of day. Hence the 3 star rating. They always tend to fade out. Still, I’m very happy with my purchase bc I know I’m not putting toxins on my eyes. Would recommend this eyeshadow palette anyway!


Great product


It feels good haven’t used long enough to see results others have had


Really nice colour, u do need to moisturizer after u achieve your desired results. But that true for all self tanners


Really nice for the winter, loving it