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So much love

So I've waited forever to write this review as I wanted to wait to see longer term results. And the verdict is great. With fine lines and wrinkles, haven't noticed much of a difference, but I don't have many anyways, and the few I do have are all work stress induced. In regards to breakouts and roscetia? Fantastic. When I use this regularly, breakouts are at a very fine minimum, and my skin has evened out. It feels great, plump, and has an awesome dewy glow all the time. I wash with a light cleanser, use an aloe moisturizer that I have, and rub this in after the moisturizer has sunk in. It feels wonderful. I live in east coast Canada where the air is always wet and salty, and not a hitch. I actually dropped my 3/4 bottle in my sink last night (I've owned this for months and it's barely gone with daily use), and nearly cried. Then I tamped down the sadness and went on and ordered the full clear system. If the glory oil is that good, I want to try everything else. I'm not rolling in money, but the way this stuffs lasts and how little you have to use, it's worth the small investment.

Staple in my household

I adore this serum of clear. The texture and how it instantly absorbs into the skin make it easy to layer with other products. Made a noticeable different in redness even the next day, calms my skin and works great for treating acne and preventing it. It’s perfect the way it is, I hope they never change the formula

Great self tanner

Really like Winter Skin self tanning lotion. Moisturizes well, dries well, doesn’t have an unpleasant smell as I find with most self tanners and one application is usually enough for me. So pleased with this product!

Perfectly perfect!

The Hempitan Body Tan Water & Face Tan Water keep my summer skin looking fabulous and healthy! They are perfect for my pale sensitive skin. Never looks fake and goes on so easily with the applicator glove, giving me a radiant glow that is not too much for an old gal! Love it!

skin care product

Love the skin care trio. The cleanser is soft on the skin.
Overall I am really enjoying all your products


I tried Winter Tan for the first time and I absolutely love the results. I am very fair with freckles and I am quite happy with just one application, it's very subtle and perfect for my skin tone! I love the fact it's full of good ingredients and doesn't have that after smell. After years of trying different products I've finally found my forever tan!

Eco Tan Water is Awesome

Very hydrating love the natural colour it gives without streaking. Love this product! I’ll be sure to get more ! And try some new to me products

Pump Doesn’t Work

I like the product itself, it hydrates my skin & extends the life of tans. Super disappointed that the pump doesn’t work because it’s a MAJOR hassle having to unscrew the top every time I want to use it- for $40 I expected better.

Hi Krista,
Oh no, please email so they can assist you further with your pump :)

Face Compost Purple Power Mask

I really like this product. Works as outlined in the description. Good product especially when you know there are no harmful ingredients!

Super Citrus Cleanser

I love this product. It is beautifully scented and is great for makeup; especially eye makeup. Just be careful not to get in your eyes when removing eye make

Eco Body Tan

Hi, I do love this product and for the most part I can get it to cover fairly even. I do use the body glove. The only thing that bothers me is that I feel like the body glove absorbs a lot of product resulting in having to purchase the product more frequently which can become quite costly if one wants to have and maintain a tanned look. Wish there was a way to apply the product without wasting it through glove absorption.

Hi Deobrah,
For best results with our Tan Applicator Mitt ensure you are using the shiny side, this is perfect for our Hempitan as it won't absorb any product :)

The best tanner I’ve tried

I have a very fair complexion and along with it, sensitive skin! This tanner is the best! I haven’t experienced any of the irritation I normally do with self tanner. It also develops nicely - I usually only leave it on for an hour or so and rinse it off in the shower. My tan continues to develop after rinsing and honestly just makes such a nice and natural tan. Again, having a fair complexion can mean an orange self tan but this never happens with the eco tan products! LOVE LOVE LOVE

The best

This is the best serum I’ve tried - love it!!
Skin tone is great and wrinkles have softened

The answer to my lily white dreams

I just wanted to share a little tip for anyone who may be having trouble with streaking/application with this. The beauty of it is that it dries rapidly (and truly doesn’t get all over your clothes and sheets) but yes it might be tricky to get it right if you aren’t yet a tanning aficionado.
Much like the face tan water, this stuff blends really nicely with cream - so I take a very small dollop of Eco Tan coconut body moisturizer (important not to use an oily moisturizer for this so I def recommend using this one) and add as many sprays of hempitan as desired for each section / body part. I mix the cream and spray together (I do it in my hands and wash them very thoroughly after each section of my body but you can mix them together with gloves) and then smoothly apply! It gives a more subtle effect than the straight water but it does build beautifully and the little touch of cream allows you the extra flexibility to keep it moving longer and really prevent streaking or patches.
Bonus is, you can moisturize your drier areas (and hands) immediately prior to application, and it will ensure to help spread out the tan even more smoothly.
I apply it like this every day after a shower when I’m on holiday and maintain a lovely, warm and simultaneously moisturized glow! 🌞 It’s a fantastic product, and great for those who only travel with a carry on bc it can be put into any container ❤️

A must!

I have never used tanning products, got a spray tan or used a tanning bed. I was suggested to buy this product in order to even out my skin tone before I go on a beach vacation. I struggle with acne and hyperpigmentation and I have to say that this product has changed my life. My skin is more even and i’m confident enough to have makeup free days! Even with a little foundation, I have a glow that everyone has been complimenting me on.

If you’re hesitating, buy it!! There is so much product, I feel like it will last me months. 10/10 recommend.

Love it

I love this product. Good for if you have acne too.

Boston cream donut dream cream

I work with in the cold all day 40 a week. And this hand cream is the absolute best answer too my hands dryness, I won't lie I have gone without it and regret it. It is not the least bit greasy, soaks right into your hands and I notice a difference instantly, and the smell for me is the absolute best nothing at all over powering or fake of any kind or over perfumed... it smells like a Boston cream donut from Tim hortons if you have ever been. Lol I kid you not it is so lovely. You will smell your hands again and again. No other words it is the best

Nice, but no miracles

This is lovely eye cream/serum hybrid that feels wonderful on the skin, absorbs beautifully, and seems to have positive results. However, it's not miraculous. I only wish it was. And it is costly. I will continue to use it, and see if it does deliver later on with continued use. I really like it, I just hoped it would be more effective against wrinkles and sagging skin.....

Exfoliator Review

This exfoliator works wonderfully. It clears away all of the dry skin and cleans my pores. My skin is soft and rejuvenated after using it. A little bit goes a long way!

Mask Review

This mask is great, it leaves my skin soft and helps relax my pores. Im very disappointed however in how much product you get for the cost. I’m trying not to use too much at a time and after two uses already have used almost half the tube.

Hi Katya,
So glad you are loving our Face Compost Purple Power Mask. The tube for the mask is a little larger than the fill size to allow this product to be squeezed without any product wastage during use. The ingredients may appear condensed in the tube at times, however the fill size is always strictly adhered too and you will get plenty of uses out of it :)

Glory Oil Review

I love this oil, i love in a dry climate and it helps keep my skin soft. It’s also helped with acne scars that I have from when I was younger!

Holy grail mask

As a skincare addict, masks are my favourite thing on the planet and this one is the BEST I've ever tried! Works amazing as a spot treatment for pimples (it literally shrinks/reduces the size of zits after 1 use), and makes my skin look radiant. Mix it with glory oil for softer & smooth skin. Even acne scarring looks less noticeable too - this has changed my skin and I think it's probably the best Eco by Sonya product!! Will forever repurchase, can't imagine my life without this <3

Great cleanser!

One of my favourite natural cleansers - it removes makeup well and leaves the skin feeling very clean. You only need to use a little bit (1 or 2 pumps max), and if you use too much it can dry out the skin. Will keep repurchasing.

Great for preventing breakouts

Using this every night helps prevent my skin from breaking out - you can also feel it tingling on the skin :) I started using this after most my acne had cleared up (due to diet changes), but using this also helped keep my skin clear and reduced breakouts. If I had to choose, I'd prefer this over serum of plenty since I feel like it works better for my acne-prone skin, but I also like the results when both serums are paired together (smoother, clearer looking skin).

The BEST natural sunscreen ever

This was the first product I've ever purchased from Eco Tan almost 2 years ago - it's what got me hooked on this brand. It doesn't leave a white cast, and blends in easily to the skin. I like to mix it with 1-2 drops of glory oil or an oil serum to make sure it won't leave a white cast, and it makes my skin feel smooth and hydrated without being greasy.