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Introducing Our Amazing New Face Sunscreen!

Introducing Our Amazing New Face Sunscreen!


5 Reasons Why You NEED Our New Face Sunscreen

Creating a sunscreen specially formulated for the face has been on my mind for years, but you all know that I don’t like to release a product until it’s absolutely perfect.

After years of planning, I’m excited to announce that we have created the best sunscreen for your face – seriously, you need to try this. Here’s why you need it.

  1. Perfect for everyday SPF protection – super light

I wanted our Face Sunscreen to be something that you could wear every single day, without fail. Our non-comedogenic sunscreen formula won’t block your pores or cause breakouts. It rubs in clear to provide a matte, sheer finish. Most importantly, it offers SPF 30 barrier protection from UVA and UVB rays. Did you know the difference between SPF 30 an SPF 50 is bugger all about – it’s about 1%.

This makes it perfect for popping on under your make-up every morning for the ultimate daily SPF protection. Consider it your daily defence for your face against UVA and UVB radiation!

  1. Thoughtfully formulated for your face

You won’t believe how amazing this product feels on your skin. Our formula is packed full of antioxidant rich ingredients like Organic Green Tea and Organic Rose Hip Oil to help protect your complexion from everyday environmental aggressors. Plus, we’ve made sure it has plenty of Vitamin A, C and E so you can enjoy anti-ageing and anti-acne benefits too.

  1. It’s the best sunscreen for sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin like me and find that most sunscreens break you out, our non-comedogenic sunscreen is made for you. Using nourishing ingredients like Organic Cucumber, Watermelon Seed and Sunflower Seed Oil, this sunscreen is seriously gentle on your skin. It contains no nasty synthetics, no harsh preservatives or cheap chemical fillers that often irritate sensitive skin.

  1. Friendly to the planet

This new product is not only great for your face, but it’s a friend to the planet too. Our formulation is vegan, reef friendly and the packaging is sustainably made in Australia from sugar cane on a zero-emission solar farm.  It will be in good company among the rest of our eco-friendly products.

  1. You won’t feel like you’re wearing sunscreen

If you’re anything like me, you hate that greasy, heavy feeling sunscreen can have on your skin. That’s why I made sure that our formula was ultra-lightweight and completely grease-free. It gives the benefit of SPF 30 protection while feeling like a moisturiser on the skin. Perfect for under makeup too.


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