Founder - 29/04/2022

Here’s What’s Coming This Year…

I know, I know... I can’t hold out anymore to launch our sustainable makeup range that has been literally 4 years in the making. 

Why you ask? Look normally I’m a million miles an hour type of Gal. I feel like from conception to launch on any product it’s like a birth for me.

I wanted minimal harm to the environment first. Also, with the mascara I wanted the perfect brush. It’s all in the brush! Formulations are a no brainer. CLEAN. Smudge proof.

Lipsticks... wow this went back and forth until I loved them completely. Some are sheer, some are intense. The range of colours are next level. Lots of thought and consideration went into creating them. From a peachy coral to a perfect nude there are 5 to begin with and I will let you tell us what colour you would like next.

My brief is always the same. Vegan, all natural, organic, active, innovative, unique, cruelty free ….

Here’s a list what in store...

Makeup - lots of thoughts and consideration to every product.

Serums - Potent actives that are all natural

Bespoke linen tablecloths for our not-for-profit charity, Miracle Made Foundation.

A new wind up all-natural sunscreen 50+

Working on a new incredible product too!

And no….. not shampoo and condition. The reason is I only like to make one product. Example one perfect cleanser and so on. Everyone likes something different when it comes to shampoo and condition. Some people have fine hair that require a lightweight conditioner in other words I would have to bring out several different types to suit different hair. More packaging. More land fill..

I do have a hair and scalp treatment in mind though…. Get excited. x