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Eco By Sonya Clear Skin System for hormonal and acne prone skin

Arghh… After-The-Pill Skin….


Most of us have been there. The dreaded after birth control pill breakout when you go off the pill.

It generally lasts a few months to settle down. Here’s a few ways you can assist the healing and clearing process. Let’s be honest no one has time for this gig!

  1. Zinc - check out a good zinc supplement most health food stores have a naturopath to help recommend the right one for you. Zinc helps regulate hormones and internal inflammation. Think gut health. PS…it made me feel queasy on an empty stomach so eat up beforehand.
  1. Drink up! Our body is made up of 60% water - water is a natural cleanser and helps purge your system.
  1. It all starts with the perfect cleanser - double cleanse with our Super Citrus Cleanser. It will gently remove bacteria from your skin and, with the calming effect of Aloe Vera that is rich in vitamin A, C and E, will assist in reducing inflammation. In a nutshell, it will superbly cleanse without irritation.

  1. Hydration without oil - Your skin is likely to be producing excess sebum oil that leads to an increase of acne flare ups. Our Super Fruit Hydrator is a must for acne suffers! It hydrates the skin without blocking the pores… in other words, its non-comedogenic. Its rich in Vitamin C, A and E. Think calming and brightening
  1. Super Acai Exfoliator - once a week is ESSENTIAL to unclog pores and remove dead skin layers. It also helps to promote collagen which in turn lends to much clearer looking skin. Truthfully my skin never feels as smooth unless I use it!
  1. Glory Oil - it sounds contradictory however the high fatty acids in Glory Oil has had phenomenal results is clearing skin and stopping scars. Glory Oil is anti-inflammatory so a once-a-week treatment will assist to reduce redness, plump the skin and give it moisture that even oily skin needs.

  1. Face Tan Water- I know is sounds odd. However, thousands of customers (look online) rave how our Face Tan Water has helped clear their acne. If my girls have a breakout, they immediately run to the product. It helps by camouflaging firstly! So, the appearance of acne is heavily reduced, think like a filter. The ingredients have been carefully curated and selected to clear skin. As you all know we only contain organic and natural ingredients.

In a nutshell our global cult CLEAR SKIN SYSTEM is your skins new BBF. We are so confident you will be blown away we recommend you take before and after photos to compare the difference in as little as a 1 week. Let us know!

Sonya x


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