4 Tips for Treating Uneven Skin Tone

Let’s face it, none of us love seeing pigmentation on our skin, and it can be a real pain to treat too. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel! These 4 tips will help combat your uneven skin tone and bring back an even skin complexion, free of dark blemishes to make you feel confident again. 



Beautiful skin starts with exfoliation. Key to reducing the appearance of unbalanced tones, breaking up the pigmented cells and wiping them off. Our Super Acai Exfoliator does the job damn well, packing a punch with superstar and collagen promoting ingredients. 


2. Powerful actives

If you’ve been anywhere near our social pages lately you would have noticed the incredible results our serums are delivering. Serum of Plenty is made for fighting uneven skin texture with highly potent actives! It contains an incredible amount of vitamin C (15%) which works to neutralise dark spots while Organic Daisy aims to improve and give a clear and even tone to your skin.



We all need a little help with our splotches and blotches sometimes, and Face Tan Water comes in clutch for just that. Experience overnight camouflaged pigmentation and a natural sun kissed glow (the kind where people asked if you’ve just came back from vacation). A teaspoons worth of Face Tan Water applied to your face, neck and dec will assist with ditching the foundation and neutralising your base. 



Surely you knew this one was coming… The ultimate healing miracle worker, Glory Oil! A few applications from this cold pressed powerhouse will have you thinking this little bottle can work magic (there’s a good reason it’s a cult favourite). Works to heal your irritations, pigmentation, scars and acne. Add this powerful product to your skincare routine now and thank us later…