Why I Created Face Tan Water

I was looking at our beautiful Certified Organic body tans and began to think. I created our body tans to be a nourishing treatment for the skin, at the same time as giving you a beautiful, natural glow. However, as my 15-year-old daughter very quickly pointed out, they were way too rich for the face and they break her out.

I crave being an innovator, not an imitator. I crave that with every part of my being, otherwise, you are just a money chaser and a copycat.

So, I became obsessed with creating a Certified Organic, non-comedogenic (won’t block your pores) product for the face. I also pushed myself and my formulation chemist to the next level as I didn’t want it to only be for teenage oily skin but mature skin too.

Hello Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, organic Aloe Vera leaf juice and organic Orange peel. Did I mention Collagen boosting? In a nutshell, Face Tan Water will give you a gorgeous natural glow, whilst hydrating and treating the skin. It’s like a filter or a camouflage instead of wearing foundation. Seriously, you need to try it to truly understand it’s magic. 

X Sonya