Everybody Needs A Tune Up!

I totally get seeing a psychologist is a privilege not afforded to many. I’m so bloody grateful.

I check in with her about 3 times a year and normally it’s when I’m so overwhelmed, I can’t see the trees through the forest. I call it my “Bec Tune Up”. Like many of us, I carry a lot and sometimes it gets bloody heavy.

Here is a few of her golden nuggets. Feel free to take the gold if you wish x
  1. Guard your energy. Use it wisely. It’s limited.
  2. Be aware of your triggers and reactions
  3. Don’t be a triangle. I use this all the time. Example, if someone is trying to vent and get a message through to someone else via you! I HATE this…I won’t be a part of it. Like if my Husband complains about my daughter leaving the light on and nags me about it. I snap! I tell him I won’t be in your triangle because you don’t want to engage. Fuck off x Nicely ha-ha
  4. That we need oxytocin and if I’m not getting it from my husband, kids or loved one, via eye contact, quality time, walking etc I get bloody cranky. I do sound rather needy however I’m incredibly independent and want a healthy connection with the people in my life.
  5. The importance of taking a breath – grounding yourself
  6. Bucket tippers and bucket fillers. How a healthy relationship/friendship is both. Sometimes we are both bucket tippers and then we are bucket fillers. However, think of that person that only tips your bucket and depletes your energy. That’s a bucket tipper and you need to guard your energy.
  7. That most shit we are over coming is trauma from our childhood. (no brainer there!)
  8. Being a high empath is soooooo hard in business
  9. Have a holiday booked so I have something to look forward to
  10. Lastly (and this one I forget all the time is… ), have some self-compassion.
If you want to hear the brilliant Rebecca Holt and take some gold, you can listen to her episode on my podcast. She helps us deal with Covid stress.