The Ultimate Beach Packing Kit

Summer is coming! You know what that means; humid days, makeup melting off, shutting the curtains and popping the air con on for relief. Even if you don’t live near the beach, this pack is vital to keeping you sun safe AND cute, whether it be in the park, the office, your local farmers market, you know what I'm saying. Cue The Beach Pack, not just goodness for your face but also a fashion piece (you’ll understand in a min). Our Beach Pack comes enveloped in the most incredible art series tote bag. These designs were carefully crafted and beautifully drawn by my amazing and talented marketing team, and now you get to enjoy them. Hope you love it! X 

Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked in the details, but our Beach Pack features our unmatched Natural Sunscreens. You know me, I only create one of each product and take my time to perfect the formula, no different with our sunscreens. Let me walk you through what makes them special. 

Our Face Sunscreen is SPF 30, all natural, rich in antioxidants and rubs in clear. We’ve made this extra special as it has anti-acne AND anti-ageing benefits thanks to vitamins A, C & E. Incredible under makeup and saves your skin from future damage and blue light in our screens. An amazing daily sunscreen for face.

And our lightweight formula Natural Sunscreen is the most glorious silky texture for your body, SPF 30 and it's in a generous size which will last you many applications. Giving you protection against both aging and burning rays with no white cast. Packed with superstar ingredients (as is the rest of the range) Rose Hip Oil contains essential fatty acids which give your skin a big moisture hug and Vitamin E soothes the skin like a good Netflix show does for the soul. 

And lastly to home these two is our unique and gorgeous Face Tan Water Art Series Tote Bag, Which features the OG you ALL know and love. It’s not just a pretty face either- created oversized, it will fit your laptop, towel, lunch, whatever you need it to, it will! And our favourite feature is the internal loop which you can clip your keys onto so you never lose them!

So there you have it, I hope I’ve introduced you to your new outdoor best friend. Stay sun safe people, it's an easy thing to overlook but sun damage is real. Not just leaving you with greater wrinkles and blotchy skin, but also can lead to skin cancer. I’m so excited for you to get your hands on our limited edition Art Series Totes. They’re pretty special, and so are you. 

- Sonya X