My Top Picks For Under $35 Bucks!

I get it (I’ve been there many times) especially when things are tough financially, but I still want to treat myself to feel better. Great organic skin care that is affordable is a win-win!

I’m just going to give you 3, in my opinion, of my “must have” products under $35

Pick #1 – Super Citrus Cleanser - $34.95

My 75yr old mum has rosacea and my 15yr old daughter has acne. They both use our award-winning Super Citrus Cleanser. It is the only cleanser you will ever need.

Why is it so Hot? The first ingredient is organic Aloe Vera that is a powerful vitamin rich ingredient that will calm the skin and is collagen boosting. Then you’ve got Lemongrass, I absolutely love Lemongrass!.  It’s an anti-bacteria and anti-inflammatory powerhouse. Clear and nourished is our skin goal, and clear and nourished is exactly what you will get.

Pick #2 - Glory Lips - $14.95

Nope it’s not just another lip balm and here’s why it’s different.  Vegan! Only organic and natural ingredients, made right here in Australia in a sugar pulp tube from a carbon neutral solar farm. Ever tried a calypso? It tastes divine. A lot of what we put in our lips get ingested so don’t be kissed by a chemical lab.  Nourished lips with high sheen are so in right now! 

Pick #3 - Winter Skin - $34.95

Seriously, even if you don’t use a self-tanner, you will love our organic cult product Winter Skin. We hate to brag but did you know it won the Genius Award? Why you ask?

It’s a moisturiser that contains nothing synthetic and it gives you a deep hydration with a hint of a glow. So natural that no one knows you’re wearing a fake tan! It’s like a sun kissed glow from a week away on a tropical island without the damaging, ageing sun’s rays.

Treating yourself has never been more affordable so don’t blow the budget and grab one of my Top Picks For Under $35 Bucks!

Sonya x