Beauty Hacks with Sonya 3.0

I don’t know why, but I just love a good hack. It might be the rebel in me. The creative thinking and ideas purge a new life force through my veins. It’s the small things folks!

  1. I recently ditched the eye lash extensions (mainly due to hating commitments and the time it takes for infills).

No joke, Glory Oil has my lashes thickening and growing back in a flash. Even on your eyebrows! Actually, Glory Oil belongs everywhere, I love it around my eyes too. 

Glory Oil


  1. Super Fruit Hydrator on dark spots such as freckles and pigmentation before applying our Face Tan Water is a must! It won’t grab to those areas so your facial glow will be flawless.
  1. Don’t neglect your neck! Face Compost Mask mixed with Glory Oil on your neck and chest (or if you’re feeling fancy, your décolletage!). Wait 7 seven minutes. I’m obsessed. 

  1. Glory Oil on cuticles and nails! Watch those babies grow. 
  1. Mix a bit of Winter Skin into your Coconut Body Milk for a deep hydration with a subtle glow! 

Let me know if you like my hacks or should I just go to lunch with a friend instead ; ) x